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Rv Tips

Check and clean the burners and
combustion chamber annually. Make sure
there is the minimum amount of required
space for the return air path. Watch for
soot build up and call for service if evident.
This is sign of a cracked heat exchanger.
Check gas lines every 6 months.

Black Tanks

Black Tanks use a chemical every time you
dump the tank to help break down toilet
paper and solid waste. This will help the
tank from plugging up. Also flush the tank at
least 3-4 times a year to also help keep it
clean and not smelling bad. Don’ t empty
the black water tanks until it is at least half
full. The water helps to break down solid

Water Regulators

This a very important item to always use.
Due to every RV park having different
water pressure this could cause damage
to your RV plumbing system. For example,
some RV parks have as much as 90
pounds of pressure and your plumbing in
your RV may only be rated for 30 pounds
of pressure.

Air Conditioners

Wash the A/C condenser at least twice a
year. The filters should be washed every
30 to 45 days.


Do you need 30 amps or 50 amps to run
your RV? Not enough people realize the
implications of not having enough
amperage rating on their RV. Most Rv’s are
only 30 amp rated. The problem with this
becomes apparent when you try to run too
many devices at the same time. An air
conditioner may pull an average of 12.5
amps. An electric water heater may pull
another 12.5 amps. A microwave can also
pull about 12.5 amps. Already the total
number of amperage being used is 37.5.
This will pop a 30 amp circuit breaker. Most
devices have an amp rating on a sticker on
them. Take notice of the amp ratings, they
can save you from a lot of problems. You
might have to only use certain devices in
order instead of at the same time.
If a device does not show an amp rating
but does show a wattage then take the
wattage and divide by the voltage. For
example, a 1200 watt device running on
120 volts is 10 amps.
Also be aware that an RV park may only
provide 30 amp service. If you have a 50
amp rated RV then you could end up
pulling more than they can provide. To
avoid issues there is a difference in plugs
between a 30 amp and 50 amp service..
To allow a 50 amp rated RV to attach to a
30 amp rated service you’ll need to
purchase a “Pigtail” adapter. They run
about $25 - $35.


Be sure to check your batteries every 3 to 6
months. If they are low on water add only
distilled water up to their proper levels.
Company Information

We are a dealer for the following products and
brands: Coleman A/C Units, Top A/C Units, and
Package Units with Heat Pumps, Dometic A/C Units,
Refrigerators, Norcold, SeaLand Toilets, Parallax
Converters, Atwood, Water Heaters, Furnaces,
Cooking Stoves, Suburban Products, Thetford Toilets,
Xantrex Freedom Inverter/Charger, and A&E Awnings.
We are a full mobile service. “We come to you!” Call
us about your warranty parts. We carry a large
assortment of products on the truck and in our
warehouse. This cuts down wait time for your repairs.
We also work on Horse Trailers with living quarters, and
can add Air Conditioners where needed, as well as
the electrical installation.
If you are needing an inspection on a RV you are
considering buying then call us. We can help.
We cover a 100 mile radius from Jenks Oklahoma.
We also work with all extended warranty contracts.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and local checks. We
are insured and bonded for your protection so if you
cannot be there when we are, you can feel safe.
Our hours are
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday--------------By Appointment
After hour call outs will be charged extra.


Be sure to inspect before opening for the first
time for the season. And again before
putting away for an extended period.
Lubricate all handles and buttons. Clean the
awnings frequently of dirt and dust. Mildew
can still collect on dirt and dust even if the
awning is mildew resistant.


When winterizing your RV make sure to drain
the hot water tank, and pour anti-freeze in
all the drains. Also, if you have an electric
water heater turn the circuit breaker off so
the heating element will not burn up. Also
pour anti-freeze into your black tank to keep
the valve from freezing up or breaking.


Hook water up to the city water connection
and flush all your water lines until the water is
clear. Hook up the electrical cord and
check all your products from the A/C unit,
Refrigerator & ECT. This way you know
everything is ready for your summer trips.

Heating Devices

There should be at least 2-3 feet around
any electric heaters. For increased
safety, only use an electric heater that
shuts off automatically if tipped over.
Never leave an electric heater on when
you are not home. Radiator heaters use
oil instead of a heating element. These
are also available and provide an
increase in safety. The safest option is to
use the furnace provided with the R/V if

LP Gas

Check your LP Gas system at least once
a year for leaks and correct pressure.
These systems are designed to work at
11” water column. A manometer is
used to check the pressure. It is
recommended to have a service
technician check the pressure for you.
Also, keep a watch on the manufacture
date of the LP cylinders. Out of date
cylinders may not be able to be filled if
you are out traveling.

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